Update on Volume II

I am in the process of writing Volume II of my book. As explained in Volume I, its contents are

  • Phase locked loop
  • Carrier phase synchronization
  • Carrier frequency synchronization
  • Timing synchronization
  • Wireless channel
  • Equalization
  • Receiver DSP design

I have finished the chapters on phase locked loop, carrier phase synchronization and carrier frequency synchronization. And currently, I am writing the chapter on symbol timing synchronization. My thought process is to explain the fundamental concepts from a unifying theory which I hope will enable the reader to understand the visualization behind each mathematical equation. Writing is easy, making these figures takes a long time.

There are two updates on the book.

  1. My previous book Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks was published through Cambridge University Press. Now I think that the future will converge more towards self-publishing just like democratising of the video. So my publishing of Volume I was to test the process of independent publication. Now instead of having Volume I and II, I am combining them in one book that makes far more sense.
  2. I am including examples from GNU Radio as the community really needs an understanding of software radio beyond the heavily mathematical approach in communications books. Please comment below if you have any comments regarding this suggestion, or something else.

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