We provide consulting services to solve a range of problems encountered during the development of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), digital communications and wireless communications products.

Signal Synchronization

As fred harris used to say about synchronization: "If mama is not happy, no one is happy." Robust algorithms for symbol timing, carrier frequency and phase synchronization are critical components of a digital demodulator. Burst and continuous communication pose different requirements for signal acquisition and our expertise of their respective algorithms while understanding their interactions can make your product reliable in all conditions. A timing locked loop with a Gardner TED converging to the steady state value for a square-root raised cosine pulse with excess bandwidth 0.4

Algorithm Development

Every system has its own constraints. The algorithms that work for one product might not be suitable in a different situation. Sometimes even new algorithms have to be developed where run-of-the-mill solutions are suboptimal at best. Our extensive experience in algorithm design can help you launch an efficient product built on strong foundations. A timing locked loop in a decision-directed setting Note: If you are interested in training your team to expand their skillset, click here.

Design Review

If you have gone through the algorithm development stage, we can review the design of your system with a detailed analysis as the output. The final result is an improved product, either in the form of identification of suboptimal algorithms with better alternatives or the details of performance limiting factors it would face in the real world.

Filter Design

While filter design is a straightforward task, efficient filter design is not. In every problem, there are methods to implement the same functionality by striking a balance between the number of multipliers, memory and processing delay. The kind of filter chosen can be the difference between an ordinary product and a market leader. A cascade of CIC filters with a partial band CIC compensation filter for rate change factor 10, unit differential delay and 4 stages

System Simulations

Reliable simulations of a system are critical to verify its performance and incorporate the impact of modified system parameters before the actual hardware design. This reduces the development cycle resulting in considerable savings in time and budget. For this purpose, we can implement whole or part of the system using tools such as Matlab/Octave or Python. Matched filter output and frequency locked loop output for 16-QAM constellation
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