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A Beginner’s Guide to Bayesian Methodology

Thomas Bayes was an English statistician and Presbyterian minister who came up with this theorem in 18th century during his investigation on how to update the understanding of a phenomenon as more evidence becomes available. At that time, he did not deem it worthy of publication and never submitted it to any journal. It was discovered in his notes after his death and published by his friend Richard Price. In the past, Bayesian theorem was associated with highly complicated mathematics (and rightly so), and hence it was generally a topic of interest for mathematicians, statisticians and similar professionals. However, as

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Conventional network coding

Physical Layer Network Coding (PNC)

A wired channel such as an optical fiber or a coaxial cable carries the communication signal within a confined material. In contrast, a wireless channel has a broadcast nature in which the transmitted signal propagates in a 3D space in several directions. This gives rise to the multipath nature of this medium. In a multiuser scenario, this problem takes an interesting turn. A signal transmitted by any node reaches several nodes due to this property. Except the one for which the signal is intended, each node treats this transmission as an interference which is overcome through careful receiver design or

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